Have you chosen the right sunglasses?

How to judge the quality of a pair of sunglasses?

A qualified pair of sunglasses can be judged from the following aspects:

1. Quality of the lens:

The surface of the lens should be smooth and without scratches; when observing objects through the lens, if straight lines are found to be distorted or swinging, it means that the lens is deformed and should not be purchased. The common materials for sunglasses currently on the market are glass and resin. Of course, DL GLASSES recommends you to use resin lenses. The disadvantage of glass lenses is that they are fragile and can easily hurt your eyes. Compared with glass, resin lenses have the following advantages: they are not easily broken, are lightweight, and have high light transmittance. So the best choice is sunglasses made of resin lenses. If you want to order glasses in large quantities, we look forward to cooperating with you. DL GLASSES includes sunglasses, sports glasses, anti-blue light glasses, children's glasses, functional glasses and other series. Please click here or send an email directly to sales@dlsunglasses. com.

2. Lens color:

When choosing the color of sunglasses, the principles should be based on the clear edges of the object and the ability to effectively identify traffic lights of different colors. Sunglasses that are too dark can block our peripheral vision. Especially for those who drive, it increases unsafe factors; the lens color is too light and cannot block the sun, which can easily cause blurred vision. Different colors are suitable for different scenarios. You can choose the sunglasses that suit you according to the following.
(1) Brown lenses: Filter out a large amount of blue light, which can improve visual contrast and clarity. They are better worn under severe air pollution or foggy conditions. Generally, it can block the reflected light from smooth and shiny surfaces, so people who wear glasses can still see the fine parts clearly, making it an ideal choice for drivers.
(2) Blue-gray lenses: Similar to gray lenses, they are both neutral lenses, but are darker in color and have a higher visible light absorption rate.
(3) Green lenses: While absorbing light, they maximize the amount of green light reaching the eyes, so they have a cool and comfortable feeling and are suitable for people whose eyes are prone to fatigue.
(4) Mercury lens: The surface of the lens adopts high-density mirror coating. Such lenses absorb more reflected visible light and are suitable for outdoor athletes.
(5) Light blue, light pink and other lenses: they are also lenses that are more decorative than practical.
(6) Yellow lenses: Strictly speaking, these lenses are not sun lenses because they hardly reduce visible light. However, in foggy and dusk moments, yellow lenses can improve contrast and provide more accurate vision, so they are also called Night Vision Goggles. Some young people wear yellow lens "sunglasses" as decoration.
(7) Dark green lenses: absorb heat and bring a cooling feeling, but the light transmittance and clarity are low. They are suitable for wearing when basking in the sun, but not for driving.
(8) Blue lenses: Sun blue lenses can be worn when playing at the beach. Blue can effectively filter out the light blue reflected from the sea water and sky. Blue lenses should be avoided when driving as they can make it difficult to distinguish the color of traffic signals.
Finally, experts believe that gray, brown, and green lens colors are better because lenses of these colors absorb better infrared and ultraviolet rays, which can improve visual contrast and clarity, and are most effective when worn in severe air pollution or foggy conditions.

3. The frame selection is mainly based on the face shape.

★Square face secret: Avoid looking too individual and choose classic sunglasses of moderate size and round shape. Best Style: Round Frame Sunglasses/Aviator Sunglasses
★Secret of elongated faces: Choose sunglasses with moderate width or narrow width to make elongated faces look slimmer but not longer. Best Style: Round Sunglasses/Traveler Sunglasses
★Melon seed face secret: try it from the perspective of fashionable personality. Best style: Aviator sunglasses/round sunglasses/cat-eye sunglasses
★Secret for round faces: Choose a cat-eye shape that is wider than your face and has upturned corners. The rising lines can make your face look taller! The angular style can also emphasize the lines of the face. Best styles: cat-eye sunglasses, square and rectangular sunglasses
★Oval face secret: The versatile oval face, you can choose any style. Please click here or send an email directly to sales@dlsunglasses. com.

4. Choose polarized sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are actually a type of sunglasses. Compared with ordinary sunglasses, their advantage lies in the processing of reflected light. It filters out the reflected glare, which can prevent dizziness. It also makes the field of vision clearer and reduces visual fatigue when traveling in summer. Generally, there is a special identification plate for identifying polarizers. Wearing polarizers can see patterns that you cannot see with the naked eye! You can't see that pattern even with ordinary sunglasses.

5. “UV400” best blocks ultraviolet rays

The primary function of sunglasses in blocking ultraviolet rays is to protect against ultraviolet rays and filter polarized light, so when purchasing sunglasses, be sure to check the UV label on the lenses. Good polarized sunglass lenses can block more than 90% of ultraviolet rays from penetrating. Please choose those with "UV400" for the best UV blocking.Please click here or send an email directly to sales@dlsunglasses. com.

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